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Southern Professional’s “LA-CERT” Specialty Mailer

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Now Certified Mail® (Return Receipt Requested) can be prepared on your laser printer in a fraction of the time. This patented form and software allows addressing of both sides of the return card at the same time. No more multiple entries or imprinting steps necessary!

Certified Mailer Form LA-CERT rev. 05/03
Forms can be sheet- fed through your printer.

Instructions from the reverse side:

Certified Mail® Provides:
A mailing receipt
A unique identifier for your mail piece
A signature confirming delivery
A record of delivery kept by the Postal Service for two years

Important Reminders:
Certified Mail® may ONLY be combined with First-Class Mail or Priority Mail.
Certified Mail® is not available for any class of international mail.
NO INSURANCE COVERAGE IS PROVIDED with Certified Mail®. For valuables, please consider Insured or Registered Mail. For an additional fee, a Return Receipt may be requested to provide proof of delivery. To obtain Return Receipt service, please complete and attach a Return Receipt (Form 3811) to the article and add applicable postage to cover the fee. Endorse mail piece "Return Receipt Requested" . To receive a fee waiver for a duplicate return receipt, a USPS postmark on your Certified Mail® receipt is required. For an additional fee, delivery may be restricted to the addressee or addressee's authorized agent. Advise the clerk or mark the mail piece with the endorsement "Restricted Delivery".
If a postmark on the Certified Mail® receipt Is desired, please present the article at the post office for postmarking. If a postmark on the Certified Mail® receipt is not needed, detach and affix label with postage and mail.
IMPORTANT: Save the receipt and present it when making an inquiry.

Contact the mail specialists at Southern Professional Printing for more information about how the “LA-CERT” Specialty Mailer can work for you!


Click here to order LA-Cert forms.

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Cetified Mail® is a trademark of the United States Postal Service.